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Alberta's Best Oil and Gas Wireline Service: Mavrek Specialties

Doing things differently.

Mavrek Specialties Inc. is doing things differently. Our innovative and unique oilfield services have made their mark on the wireline and slickline service industry.

When we say "we're doing things differently" what we mean is that we are bridging together complimentary pipeline, wellbore, downhole well services that save our clients time. Our crews are trained in these specialty technologies which saves our clients time and money.

Rather than simply waiting for something to go wrong and then respond, our team here at Mavrek is always assessing sites for opportunities to improve the efficiency of the time-on the project.

Why is Mavrek Specialties the best solution for wireline services?

  1. Complimentary Services: By offering complimentary services to our conventional wireline and slickline services (such as distributed fibre optics, specialty logging services, plus data monitoring and transmission) we are able to reduce the amount of time spent waiting on site for our clients. Rather than requiring a second third-party contractor on site for a single task, we have positioned our crews to handle everything downhole all at once. Downhole gauges are able to be installed so as to continuously monitor the pressure, temperatures, density and flow-rates of a well and pipeline. This information is all available through a cloud based software that allows for 24/7 monitoring of your site. We have intentionally invested in quality fibre optics for versatility and technically demanding projects. We do it all so that you don't have to wait for it all. Consider Mavrek the solution for everything monitoring and maintaining at a depth.

  2. Preventative Solutions: Why wait for something to go wrong? So often, wireline is involved in the repairing of collapsed tubing and the retrieval of tools. There is so much more available to this division of the oilfield services that our competitors simply aren't providing. Our crews are able to create solutions to issues that will ensure the prevention of pipeline and well leaks through implementing ongoing monitoring systems for your project.

  3. Investment in Innovation: At Mavrek Specialties, we are always watching industry trends, technological advancements and innovative solutions that are hitting the market. We intentionally invest, develop and bring on the best tools and technology available because it results in the best quality outcome for our work. Whether it's downhole spools, fibre optics, new software for monitoring data or simply investing in wireline advancements, we are committed to staying on trend and bringing the best to the best.

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