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Live Drop-Spool Technology

Live Data Drop Spools

Being able to monitor bottom hole pressure reduces shut-down time for build-ups or any other type of oil and gas test. This allows our clients to know exactly when their well stabilizes through the real-time web hosting. This reduces overall costs and saves testing time.

Single Axle Express Unit

Our single axle express unit allows the drums to function interchangeably. This means that we are able to run slickline services and then easily swap to the TEC line for live data drop spools. We utilize the Calscan Hawk which allows for dual surface pressure and temperature readings along with the downhole pressure and temperature measurements.

All data is stored in memory and transferred real-time to Mavrek's secure cloud based system.


Drop-Spool Specs:

  • Maximum Depth: 3,500m

  • Maximum Surface Pressure: 69MPa

  • Maximum Bottom Hole Pressure: 103 MPa

  • Conductor Line Size: 0.125"

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