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Data Monitoring & Transmission

Monitor pressure, temperature, flow-rate, density and more

Mavrek Solutions downhole and above ground gauge solutions allow for consistent measurement and monitoring of your site project. Reliable accuracy that can be accessed 24/7.

It is important to be confident in the equipment you utilize, that's why we have ensure our client's receive the very best. We want our client's to always be able to sense and predict downhole issues pre-emptively, before it escalates into a major complication.

Oil and gas data acquisition you can rely on.

Downhole Data Acquisition:

  • Surface Read-Out (SRO) Gauges (Available up to 15k PSI)​

    • Installed either suspended in the well or permanently fixed to the tubing or casing​

    • Single sensor installations to monitor producing, injection, or observation wells

    • Dual sensor gauges to read simultaneous tubular and annular pressures

    • Multi gauge sensor applications - up to 8 sensors on a single line

  • Retrievable Live Downhole Data - Drop Spool - Real-time BHP/TEMP

  • Themocouple and Bubble Tube Applications

  • Convention or High Pressure / Temperature Memory Gauges

  • Pump Monitoring & Optimization

  • Secure Accessible Website to view real-time data online from anywhere

Surface Data Acquisition:

  • Perforation Inflow Detection (PID)

  • Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing (DFIT)

  • Real-Time Surface Data Collection - Multi-Channel, Water, or Dry Gas Flow Metering

  • Secure Accessible Website to view real-time data online from anywhere


Monitor Downhole Wells in Real-Time

Surface & Downhole Data Collection

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