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300°C Downhole Monitoring: High-temp & high-pressure technology

The Mavrek Specialties crews have just wrapped up a high temperature monitoring install project near the Cold Lake, Alberta region. We have partnered with a technology that is designed for high-thermal and high-pressure reliability over an extended period. Our crews installed 5 high-temperature wells.

We used the high-temp technology and ran it downhole to monitor pressure and temperature during steam injection. The gauge was run to the desired depth with permanent pressure control on the well, we then clamped the line and gauge at surface and suspended. The line was cut and the rest of the pressure control was added, with the final termination being completed and tested to ensure the gauge was reading.

For the surface panel, 2 are remote wells that are utilizing a solar powered skid and a MRL transmission unit to send the data to the secure Mavrek website to view the data. The other 3 wells are to be tied into power and SCADA on site to view the data on the clients internal system.

300°C Downhole Monitoring

Want to understand a bit more about the high-temp and high-pressure technology we're working with?

The fully welded design of this gauge ensures "maximum protection" against gas and or fluid invasion. It is Certified Intrinsically Safe and allows for accurate, reliable surface reads in even the more intense conditions.

High-Temperature Gauge can be installed for:

Pump Intake Pressure &
Reservoir Evaluation
Artificial Lift Optimization

The strain gauge design allows for a decrease in compression and increase under tensile. This means that the equipment is suitable for working with both AC or DC systems. The strain gauge matches transducer designs and is fully bonded to the sensing element on the transducers, ensuring that no connection space can impact the performance of the gauge.

4mm High-Temperature Quadline TEC

High-temperature and pressure borehole monitoring in Alberta made reliable through innovative technology and high-quality design. We trust this technology to be the superior choice on the market and we are excited to offer it to our clients.

Connect with our team at the Mavrek office today to discuss what solution our team can provide for you.

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